Chainplug innovates construction industry certification with blockchain

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The context

Chainplug, an Italian SME specialising in blockchain solutions, introduced a groundbreaking approach to certification processes in the construction industry. Focused on overcoming the challenges of traditional certification methods, Chainplug leverages blockchain technology for increased efficiency, transparency, and sustainability.

The challenges

In today’s international marketplace, organisations wish to be known as adhering members to quality assurance and manufacturing standards. As a demonstration, International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) certifications guarantee that the applicant meets global standards for business - further enabling increased credibility and trust towards consumers and other business partners.

The construction industry, like many other sectors, needs to certify certain aspects of the production process. From quality to health and safety management on building sites, many aspects require a full coverage and clearance on multiple layers and steps. Certification is essential for the correct completion of any construction process.

However, when applying for a request approval process to obtain a certification, construction contractors usually face a long, expensive, and time-consuming procedure. As a matter of fact, ISO certifications do not meet any new and upcoming digitalised standard. Retrieving documents and managing them result in a prolonged and uncertain back and forth routine. If obtained, certifications are mostly carried out by means of paper, emails, and PDF-files.

How standardisation activities help face the challenges

Chainplug identifies these challenges and proposes a blockchain-based solution to streamline the certification process. Chainplug's innovative solution employs a Layer 1 blockchain, designed for sustainability, to interface with certifying bodies. Through a decentralised application (DApp), the request-approval process is executed on a collaborative blockchain platform. This approach ensures a secure, transparent, and automated workflow, significantly reducing the time and effort required for certification.

The Benefits

This solution enables a more effective data collection capability from the point of view of costs, speed, and scalability.

1. Enhanced Efficiency: The blockchain solution improves data collection in terms of costs, speed, and scalability.
2. Democratization of Certification: SMEs can now participate more easily in the certification process, fostering secure working environments and better products.

3. Integration with IoT and AI: Blockchain's ability to integrate with IoT and AI enables constant monitoring and event prediction in workflows.

4. Smart Contract Management: The process, governed by smart contracts, includes pre-set remedies for potential disputes, reducing legal costs.

5. Regulatory Compliance: Contractors can share certification information with regulatory bodies, ensuring transparency and readiness for audits.

Future plans

Chainplug is actively expanding its platform, inviting more SMEs and companies to adopt its blockchain-based certification processes. The aim is to further enhance efficiency and accessibility in the construction industry's certification landscape.