StandICT.eu 2023 kicked off on 1st September 2020. It is an EU framework project H2020 Coordination and Support Action with the central goal to ensure a neutral, reputable, pragmatic and fair approach to support European and Associated states presence in the international ICT standardisation scene. Building the human European network of ICT Standard Experts has been crucial in making the difference in guaranteeing StandICT.eu 2023 begins with an already solid base of diligent and active standards contributors.

StandICT.eu 2023 has built on the valid recommendations given as part of the previous reviews of StandICT.eu [2018-2020], which focused on improving the existing Standards Watch, delivered in February 2021 the EUOS (pronounced YOS) – ICT Standardisation Observatory and continuing the effort of using the online facility as a reference point to comment, through a dynamic discussion forum, relevant insights from the standards experts. It wishes to reinforce the transparent evaluation process, the streamlining of the contractual activities, it personifies the monitoring process for impact purposes and creates a stronger liaison with the National Standards Associations to support them in their capacity building & training programmes.

By utilising field-tested and revised cascading grant platform and digital processes with three external experts, a rapporteur and quality controller to guarantee transparency & efficiency and through its strategic network developed with SMEs, Industry Associations, National Standards Associations, SDO Working Groups and Academia, StandICT.eu 2023 addresses the specific challenges of the topic ICT-45-2020  “Reinforcing European presence in international ICT standardisation. 
The Consortium of Partners, is coordinated by the same organisation leading the precursory initiative – Trust-IT Srl (IT), an SME with over 15 years’ experience of managing complex EC-funded projects in ICT– including 2 experienced partners: Dublin City University, a major player in SDO WGs & TCs and in educating future ICT Standards experts through its ELITE-S programme, & AUSTRALO, an SME specialised in stakeholder engagement, with their agile methodology approach. 

An authoritative and competent External Advisory Group (EAG) has already been engaged, with direct links to the Standards Technical committees or Working Groups to support with its competent contribution the continuous liaison with SDOs and the synergy creation in general. An External Pool of Evaluators (EPE) 50 plus evaluators recruited under StandICT.eu, via an open call to ensure independence and fairness of the proposal’s selection process.

The StandICT.eu 2023 Consortium has been built on the rationale of complementarity, experience and impact potential; in fact, it brings the following key distinctive features:

• Experience in coordinating and participating in CSAs and in Open Call-related projects
• Know-how in ICT standardisation and direct expertise in evaluation & monitoring of Open Call results;
• Technical expertise in web-based platforms management, also the StandICT.eu 2023 platform being based on the commercial product TRUST-GRANTS, provided at no additional costs to the project by Trust-IT;
• Expertise in supporting brokering, matchmaking, coaching and mentoring other support services;
• Experience in ICT Standardisation stakeholder’s engagement with large network multipliers, and other prestigious ICT Standardisation experts, also by means of the committed StandICT.eu 2023 EAG;
• Experience in communication and dissemination activities, including in international events organisation;
• Business-oriented approach for sustainability.


The Consortium consists of the following partners:

logo trust IT

Trust-IT is the project Coordinator. It is an SME specialised in research analysis & communication in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as well as the development & implementation of innovative web & mobile applications across Europe and globally. Trust-IT will be supported by COMMpla Srl, its linked third party a established in 2010 as a software development, communication & digital marketing company focused on building multichannel, digital platforms and delivering of online solutions and tools.

logo dcu

Dublin City University was founded in 1981 and comprises over 16,000 students including over 2600 postgraduate students, of whom around 800 are research students. The University is consistently ranked among the top young universities globally. DCU and the ADAPT Centre are driving the ICT Standards agenda in Ireland and in Europe through several projects, programmes and initiatives in ICT Standardisation. DCU is the lead beneficiary for the observatory, concertation and synergies.


AUSTRALO  is a marketing company on a mission to generate skyrocketing impact for cutting-edge technology-driven Research and Innovation project ideas. It is our goal to unleash the extraordinary potential of Europe as a worldwide digital powerhouse. AUSTRALO puts at the service of the initiative its proven track record building impact in EU projects, with special emphasis on ecosystem dynamism.