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The EOUS Standards Academy is your go-to reference for all your training needs about ICT standards.

All the material provided here has been produced and selected by top-class researchers and trainers who work in the standardisation arena, as well as by standard-developing organizations (SDOs) and targeted EC Training Programmes delivered on ICT Standardisation. Stay tuned, as more materials will be available in the Academy from January 2024, developed under the guidance of Knut Blind, new Chair of the Standards Academy, and Ivana Mijatovic, Chair of Standards Education Group

You can use the search feature and the filters below to browse the training material catalogue, or, if it’s your first time here and you need guidance, you can jump directly to our selected starter packs and choose the most suitable one for your skills.

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Our selected starter packs

If you’re new to the EOUS Standards Academy and need a bit of a guidance, you can find here our selected training contents to get you started.
These starter packs have been created by our top trainers and are grouped to satisfy your needs, based on your level of expertise.
Learn more from the boxes below and select the pack that mostly suits your needs!

For beginners

  • How to use standards.
  • How to take part in the standards making process.
  • How to include standardisation from the beginning of a project or businesses.

For intermediate users

  • Standard Development Organisations: how to get involved.
  • Stakeholder engagement.
  • How to reap the full benefits standardisation can offer.

For advanced users

  • Participating in standardisation to influence the content of future standards.
  • Role and responsibilities of Technical Committees & Working Groups.
  • Harmonised Standards.

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