SME Mentorship Programme SME Mentorship Programme accompanies SME experts who applied to the open calls and benefit from financial support. More experienced experts (and notably returning fellows) are given the possibility to be voluntarily put in contact with new funded fellows, matching their areas of expertise.

Mentorship Programme

Mentoring a new generation of European standardisation experts

This one-to-one mentorship programme aims to enable newcoming SME experts with less experience of the details of the work to carry out in SDO technical committees to benefit from tips and advice from more experienced fellows. This also gives the possibility to experienced standardisers to diffuse their knowledge to a new generation of European experts, and enable the European Union to maintain a strong standardisation knowledge basis for the years ahead.

The mentorship may come through any way the mentors see fit – whether through one-to-one exchanges, sharing of resources, or invitations to relevant meetings and conferences, where the mentee can get introduced to fellow peers.

The Mentorship Programme in the open call application form

A new question can now be found in the general application form, asking whether the applicant is interested in participating in this mentorship programme – either as a mentor, or as a mentee. The team will then proceed to match the interested funded fellows from each new Open Call on the base of similar topics of expertise, and monitor the process. A feedback session will be organised at the end of the fellowship, in order to positively take stock of the various experiences and apply the required changes for the next Open Call cycle. 

If agreed upon by the participants, a success story displaying the fruitful process between the mentor and the mentee will further be displayed on the website, giving additional credit and visibility to the participants which accepted to take time in participating in this programme.