New and emerging DLT and Blockchain Use Cases for ISO/TR 24878 .

Considerations for new and emerging DLT and Blockchain Use Cases for ISO

For stakeholders involved in DLT and blockchain applications,  Use Cases provide a useful methodology to inform decision-makers of the new business opportunities, technical capabilities and insights into these new and emerging technologies.

ISO/TC 307 Blockchain and DLT Technologies  is currently undertaking a revision of the ISO Technical Report TR 3242:2022 which provides European and International examples of 22 use cases across Fintech, Smart Energy, Supply Chains and Data Provenance. These use cases help inform standards-makers, and provide shared learning to entrepreneurs and innovators that enables faster adoption and cross-domain applications.

For reference, you can access the Abstract and Bibliography List of the TR3242 Report for free. It provides an overview of the key countries, organizations, businesses and useful links on this ISO Link.

Collecting new Use Cases for ISO/TR 24878 New and emerging DLT/Blockchain Use Cases

We are collecting innovative new and emerging use cases that reflect the evolution and impact of this technology since the last report. The goal is to exemplify good DLT practices across international domains in the context of Web 3, Tokenization and other trends. 

Get involved by contacting us on this thread.

Regards Caroline Thomas, StandICT Fellow and Convenor of ISO/TC307 WG6 Uses Cases