First two publications of CEN/CENLEC FGQT online .

The CEN/CENELEC Focus Group on Quantum Technologies has recently officially published its first two documents on its CEN/CENLEC web page .

The FGQT was founded in summer 2020 to coordinate and support the structured development of relevant standards for quantum technologies in the areas of "Quantum Communication" (including quantum key distribution), "Quantum Computing and Simulation" as well as "Quantum Metrology, Sensing, and Enhanced Imaging". One of the documents is the "Call for Participation" which describes the group's work program for interested stakeholders:

FGQT Q02 Work Programme – Call for Participation   

The other publication describes the main document that is currently being developed in the FGQT: Its FGQT Standardisation Roadmap. The roadmap uses a layered approach of "Enabling technologies" and "Sub Systems", common for all quantum technologies domains, and only then, on the level of "Platforms and Systems" to use the traditionally used model of separated domains. These are three areas mentioned in the description of the first publication. On higher levels, standards are again being considered on two "unified" layers: "Composite Systems" and "Use Cases and Applications":

FGQT Q03 Towards Standardization for Quantum Technologies

With its standardisation roadmap, the FGQT identifies standards for all aspects of quantum technologies, not only of one particular field or domain. The roadmap is currently still in a draft stage. A first version was recently sent to liaison partners ITU-T FG QIT4N, ISO/IEC JTC1/WG14, ETSI ISG-QKD, and QuIC WG4 with a request for comments. Official publication of a first draft is scheduled for October 2022.

Thomas Länger is co-editor of the FGQT Standardisation Roadmap and is currently supported by 2023 for this task (Proposal ID  05-579 "European Coordination of Quantum Technologies Standardisation in the CEN/CENELEC FGQT").