SAREF-Compliant Knowledge Discovery for Semantic Energy and Grid Interoperability .

SAREF-Compliant Knowledge Discovery for Semantic Energy and Grid Interoperability. Amelie Gyrard, Antonio Kung, Olivier Genest, Alain Moreau. IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT 2021)

Abstract : Modern cities are becoming "green and sustainable" once effective and optimized energy management of resources, gathering, and integration of data from smart energy and building are executed. The integration of heterogeneous technologies, and devices, require an interoperable solution to describe devices and data exchanged. SAREF is an ontology supported by the ETSI SmartM2M standard to achieve interoperability among IoT projects, architectures, etc. that can be extended to any IoT vertical domains such as smart buildings or energy. SAREF can be used to describe data sent through communication protocols or once that data must be processed (e.g., on the cloud, gateways, devices). ETSI does not provide tools yet that support the SAREF ontology to avoid engineers from developing from scratch. We design a SAREF-compliant sensor dictionary which also overcomes SAREF limitations. The sensor dictionary, applied to energy scenarios, is employed by a reasoner to infer meaningful knowledge from sensor data. Online demonstrators are available. The scenarios are also relevant for the Interconnect European funded project that comprises 50 partners to design interoperable smart buildings and grids.