Challenges and limitations for transforming ISO13606-3 clinical reference information structures (CRIS) based on ISO13606-1 archetypes and CONTSYS concepts into HL7 FHIR schemas. .

Working we are developing in ISO TC 215 WG1 - AWI TR 24305 "Health informatics - Guidelines for implementation of HL7/FHIR based on ISO 13940 and ISO 13606", and specifically in mapping FHIR resources with ISO13606-3 Clinical Reference Information Structures (CRIS) based on ISO13606-1 archetypes and CONTSYS concepts, we have identified a certain number of challenges and limitations and expect from the community contributions to address the challenges. For example: 
Should we map FHIR profiles or FHIR resources?
Perhaps mapping FHIR profiles with the generation of reference archetypes should be the objective because it would mean an absolute harmonization when mapping dynamic processes. Still, to discover these similarities, we must do it by abstraction after the practical and direct work of mapping FHIR resources with their attributes, reference archetypes, and elements, which should reveal the limitations and restrictions of each attribute/information element in each case.