ISO/IEC 21000-23 Smart Contracts for Media .

ISO/IEC 21000-23 Smart Contracts for Media standard provides the means (e.g., application programming interfaces) for converting MPEG-21 XML and RDF media contracts (ISO/IEC 21000-19 Media Value Chain Ontology, ISO/IEC 21000-19/AMD1 Audio Value Chain Ontology, ISO/IEC 21000-20 (2nd Ed) Contract Expression Language and ISO/IEC 21000-21 (2nd Ed) Media Contract Ontology) to smart contracts that can be executed on existing DLT environments.

This important standard will greatly assist the media industry in achieving effective interoperability for the exchange of verified contractual data between different DLTs. Such a process in turn will increase trust among the industry stakeholders for sharing data (e.g., music catalogues and associated IP rights metadata) in the ecosystem. Another important feature of this standard is that it offers the possibility to bind the clauses of a smart contract with those of a narrative contract. In this way, each party signing an MPEG derived smart contact will know exactly what the clauses stored in the smart contract express.

The latter standard has reached Draft International Standard (DIS) level at the 136th MPEG meeting, 11-15 Oct. 2021. Thus, the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG03 MPEG Systems subgroup on ‘Smart Contracts for Media’ invites all interested experts to contribute and consider joining its mailing list at We would welcome your input on these activities and other matters of mutual interest.


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