IEEE 7007 Ontologies for Ethically Driven Robotics and Automation .

IEEE 7007 WG created a unique standard that will contribute to the development of new technologies ethically aligned to human values. The IEEE 7007 Standard has an ontological representation which facilitates the investigation of the domain; and a formal language that adds precision to the knowledge and data collected during this investigation. The nature of the ontologies allows this ontological representation to be used in a wide variety of applications across all AIS domain.

The IEEE 7007 WG elaborated a formal representation, using formal Logics, for the following domains: Norms and Ethical Principles, Data Privacy and Protection, Transparency and Accountability, and Ethical Violation Management. In addition, during the elaboration of 7007 Standard, IEEE 7007 WG developed its own methodology to deal with the complexity of the Ethics of AI domain. It is based on agile methodology and can be used in heterogenous and spatially distributed groups like the IEEE 7007 WG.

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