AI Use in the Standards Making Process .

I've been involved in contributing to the development of standards (International, Regional & National) for over ten years.

Recently, its become evident that Artificial Intelligence (AI) could have an impact on the standards development process and procedures.  A list of issues, and where available, the resolution of those issues, would be a useful resource within all Standard Development Organisations (SDO).

If anyone has thoughts on how such a list could be organised and how best to format its contents, do contribute.  There are also rapidly developing standards in this area, but I'm not aware of any work developing a standard on 'How best to develop a Standard in an AI world'.  If there is such a thing, or if anyone knows of work ongoing in this area, please contribute.

My work has been in developing standards by consensus among nominated experts.  Other approaches and SDOs may be presented with different AI challenges, which would be equally valuable.

In the next couple of days, I'll post some ideas on organisation and classification, and also some issues both 'resolved' (hopefully) and those that require some further thought.  The sort of issues that have raised questions to date exist around the standards creation lifecycle, the publication and use of standards by AI systems, the market perception of standards where AI cites existing standards, the cultural issues raised by AI applying standards outside their 'home' jurisdiction and more.  Specific challenges include management of Intellectual Property (IP), generation of an initial 'Working Draft', comments received during editorial work, finalising the draft standards, declarations of AI content, auditing of content contributed.  There are sure to be others.

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