Smart Networks in the context of NGI - NetWorld2020 SRIA .

Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2021-27 European Technology Platform NetWorld2020 “Smart Networks in the context of NGI”

"Currently, there is a wide acceptance that 5G networks will have a significant impact in the worldwide economic development and transform all aspects of everyday life. Even though 5G networks offer undeniable improvements over legacy networks, key findings suggest that European research activities in the communication networking sector need to continue at an increased pace. For this reason, we need to address several key challenges in a structured way so as to achievement maximum positive impact"

In a dynamic, fast paced and more increasing mobile digital world the importance of  5G as the "oxygen for digital ecosystems" cannot be emphasised enough. In relation to one horizontal technology alone, 5G is core to the automation achievable by the Internet of Things across a broad range of sectors which will can contribute an estimated $10 trillion economic impact by 2025. The Digital Single Market could contribute €415 billion per year to the European GDP but only if the availability of mobile broadband infrastructure co-evolves with increased economic growth and employment.