Additional ITU-T Recommendations are available from 2-2022 .

ITU-T SG13 "Future networks and emerging network technologies" has successfully started the new study period 2022-24 with the information that since the last SG13 meeting the following Recommendations in the field of 5G have been successfully approved and are now published.

  • ITU-T Y.3114 "Future networks including IMT-2020: requirements and functional architecture of lightweight core for dedicated networks"
  • ITU-T Y.3115 "AI enabled cross-domain network architectural requirements and framework for future networks including IMT-2020"
  • ITU-T Y.3116 "Traffic typization IMT-2020 management based on an artificial intelligent approach"
  • ITU-T Y.3078 "Information centric networking for IMT-2020 and beyond - Requirements and capabilities of data object segmentation"
  • ITU-T Y.3200 "Fixed, mobile and satellite convergence - Requirements for IMT-2020 network and beyond"

As you know, all ITU-T standards are freely available on the website