La Asociación Española de Normalización will celebrates the "Jornada Informativa UNE: Pasaporte Digital de Producto (DPP, Digital Product Passport)" next 11th September 2023, 10:00 CEST.

The event will include the background, and details of the proposal of the German standardisation bodies DIN and DKE to create a new CEN and CENELEC joint committee to coordinate and execute the work that will respond to the European Commission's standardisation request, taking into account the future political initiatives. The national interest in this initiative and the options for monitoring and actively participating in the new committee's activity are also evaluated.

The development of an interoperable Digital Product Passport system, a data structure and the resulting ecosystem is a catalyst for the digital and ecological transformation of the industry. This passport is expected to support three important European Commission political objectives: to increase environmental sustainability, promote the circular economy and support legal compliance. Its implementation will contribute to improving transparency and quality through value chains and strengthen the resilience of the European market.

In-person capacity is limited. Registration is required to take part in this session. 2026 is delighted to join the panel to present the available opportunities offered by the project for Digital Product Passports' experts as well as the recently issued Landscape of Standards Report.

Full programme and more info can be found here.

Read time: 2 mins

  • Date
  • Time 10:00:00 - 11:00:00