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SOURCE: Growing AI standards committee concludes plenary | IEC
IEC Editor Team & Antoinette Price 


From finance, healthcare and retail to manufacturing, tourism and smart city infrastructure, opportunities and use cases for artificial intelligence (AI) are increasing.

The international standards being developed by the IEC and ISO joint committee (SC 42) address the ever-evolving requirements and challenges of these technologies across diverse industries and applications. SC 42 draws on the expertise of a very broad and diverse set of stakeholders as well as IEC and ISO domain experts through strong collaboration. Against this backdrop, SC 42 concluded its recent plenary, with over 260 participants from 50 countries.

The technological advances in AI continue to fuel the digital transformation enabling new applications and their benefits that a mere few years ago would not have been possible. SC 42 is uniquely positioned to address these emerging areas by collaborating with the diverse portfolio of committees in IEC and ISO that cover many of these domains. Moreover, our unique holistic approach to looking at the entire AI ecosystem has enabled us to dynamically react to emerging AI requirements and expand the work programme accordingly. The participating members and diversity of stakeholders and growth in our work programme continues to be strong despite the pandemic”, said Wael William Diab, Chair of SC 42.

As the work programme continues to evolve, new projects are expected across the board in the areas of AI data, trustworthiness, computational, and ethics. Reflecting the growing AI applications and strong interest in the work of SC 42, the committee approved a revision of the recently published ISO/IEC 24030:2021 on AI use cases. The work has already begun and it is anticipated that more use cases coming from the growing portfolio of liaison partners will be submitted.

Recognizing the fast pace of technological innovation in this area and to assist in dynamically reacting to emerging standardization needs across the AI ecosystem, a new advisory group was setup to make recommendations to SC 42 on AI standardization roadmapping. This group will complement the existing roadmapping being done in the established areas under SC 42. With over 45 liaison relationships that include committees within IEC and ISO as well as external organizations, the growth in the portfolio reflects the importance of collaboration in this area and the value of horizontal standards that SC 42 is developing. It recently approved the establishment of a new liaison with the European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE).

Finally, starting next year, SC 42 expects to launch an ISO/IEC AI workshop which will be run bi-annually. The workshops will focus on the standards and the broader non standards community interested in AI.