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Quantum Technology is a promising field in the development of skills to navigate the digital transition. To steer work on standardization in this rapidly advancing field,  CEN and CENELEC recently published two important documents: a Standardization Roadmap and a report on Quantum Technologies Use Cases. The two documents provide a comprehensive vision on the European standardization needs for quantum computing, quantum communication and quantum metrology.

The documents represent a milestone for European standardization work in the sector. They have been developed by the dedicated CEN and CENELEC Focus Group on Quantum Technologies (FGQT), which was set up in 2020 under the stewardship of DIN, the German National Standardization Body. The aim of the Focus Group is to ensure the interaction between relevant stakeholders interested in identifying standardization needs in the field of Quantum Technologies and recommend further actions.

Based on the work conducted by the FGQT, now CEN and CENELEC have decided to establish the new Joint Technical Committee 22 ‘Quantum Technologies’. The JTC had its kick-off last 9 March in Berlin.