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24 Jun


An Overview Report to highlight the outcomes and activities of the most successful applications in the field of Cybersecurity in order to clearly understand which are the main European Gaps & Priorities tackled and how these people are tangibly contributing to the development of determined Standards (or supporting the related Working Groups).

03 Jun

Navigating and informing the IoT standards landscape: A guide for SMEs and Start-ups

BSI and PETRAS launched the new IoT Standards White Paper, Navigating and informing the IoT standards landscape: A guide for SMEs and Start-ups, at the BSI Standards Conference at Park Plaza on 25th April 2019.

Research for the White Paper has been led by Dr Irina Brass, Co-Investigator in the Standards, Governance and Policy Stream in PETRAS, and Chair of the BSI IoT-1 Technical Committee.

02 Jun

2019 Rolling plan for ICT standardisation released

The rolling plan provides a unique overview of standardisation activities in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) linked to EU legislation and policies, such as healthcare, cloud computing, intelligent transport systems, security, accessibility, Internet of Things, eGovernment, smart grids and many others.

It is crucial to clarify this link with European legislation and policies because ICT standards convey important technological requirements for privacy, security and accessibility.