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26 Nov 2021

Scenarios towards co-creation of transition pathway for tourism for a more resilient, innovative and sustainable ecosystem (EUROPEAN COMMISSION)

The objective of the current document is to launch discussions with stakeholders across the tourism ecosystem, which would result in matching commitments and concrete pledges. This consultation process invites the stakeholders to contribute to a bottom-up assessment of scale, cost, long-term benefits and conditions of the required actions to accompany the twin transition of the ecosystem.

26 Nov 2021

Scenarios for a transition pathway - For a resilient, innovative, sustainable and digital energy-intensive industries ecosystem (EUROPEAN COMMISSION)

This Staff Working Document serves as a starting point for the consultation and cocreation process with stakeholders. It builds on the ecosystem fiche included in the 2021 Annual Single Market Report and is part of the engagement with stakeholders on the sectoral roadmaps towards climate neutrality set out in the Climate Law, as well as on the objectives set out in the European Green Deal and its main strategies for a more sustainable EU economy and society.

2 Nov 2021

AI Watch Beyond pilots - JRC Technical Report

This document first introduces the concept of AI appropriation in government, seen as a sequence of two logically distinct phases, respectively named adoption and implementation of related technologies in public services and processes.

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7 Oct 2021

oneM2M IoT for Sustainability White Paper

AIOTI has launched in May joint collaboration with oneM2M Sustainability Committee. One of the results of the collaboration is the launch of the oneM2M’s IoT for Sustainability White Paper that was launched on 1 October to which AIOTI actively contributed.
oneM2M recently launched a sustainability initiative to promote the role of loT systems in addressing sustainability goals. An important message from this initiative focuses on the benefits of scalable, open-standard solutions.

24 Sep 2021

The Elements of Big Data Value - BDVA

“The Elements of Big Data Value” gives an exciting look into the discoveries of the Public Private Partnership on Big Data Value and shares the knowledge gathered for the benefit of the European Big Data ecosystem. The book describes the massive impact big data has and will have to our society and economy, giving practical tools to develop an increased capacity to drive the digital transformation on all sectors.