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The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) standardisation landscape is ever-changing, and Europe is both a driver of and affected by change. 2026 just delivered the new Policy Paper 'The Evolving ICT Standardisation Landscape - Europe’s Role and Impending Questions', authored by OpenForum Europe and supported by the whole consortium, to outline our upcoming research intent and focus when exploring the evolving ICT standardisation landscape.

The paper also argues for the comprehensive approach we have adopted for our research, integrating views from diverse stakeholders, organisations, and policies to offer a complete perspective (input for this interim publication is based on ten on-background interviews with experts in the field).

More specifically, the policy paper highlights the three key thematic areas of change, and the subsequent hypotheses, that our coming research project will analyse:

  • Digital Market regulations.
  • Politicisation of Standardisation.
  • Evolving ‘Standardisation’ Outside Traditional Systems.

Ultimately, the objective of our research is to identify the shifts that significantly affect stakeholders, alter legal frameworks, and influence the principal actors in the ICT standardisation domain. The task to explore the evolving landscape of ICT standardisation and its implications for Europe is an ambitious undertaking. In order to shape the research, we incorporated a methodological approach that involved conducting “on-background” interviews of experts in the field. It is the findings of these interviews that are presented in this paper.

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