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The project is coming to an end. The project supported European specialists in various Standards Developing Organisations Working Groups thorugh a series of nine open calls and managing €3,000,000 in funding over 36 months. By creating a robust standardisation ecosystem that incorporates EU priorities and expertise, 2023 strived to enhance Europe's overall competitiveness. This is not a goodbye though. 


The project team will participate in IEEE COMPSAC 2023 in Turin on 27-28 June 2023 where it will present the the project results as well as the new features and opportunities coming with 2026, the newly funded project that is following in the steps of 2023.

During the plenary panel scheduled for Tuesday, June 27, at 1:30 PM CEST, the project will provide an overview of its achievements across European and international SDOs and ICT domains. Participants will be presented with concrete examples of the activities carried out by funded individuals, showcasing how these initiatives align with the priorities outlined in the European Commission Multi-Stakeholder Platform's "Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation."

Valuable insights and open calls 

One notable highlight will be the introduction of the "Landscape Standards Reports," comprehensive documents produced by experts covering various ICT domains such as AI, Smart Cities, Digital Product Passport, IoT & Edge, and more. These reports offer extensive mapping of the standardisation ecosystem within each corresponding area, providing valuable insights for stakeholders.

The project team will provide useful information on the current and upcoming open call funding opportunities. The first in a series of nine open call will close on 10 July 2023. 

Another key focus will be the "Standards Academy," a dedicated platform that serves as a reference for all ICT standard training needs. It aims to support newcomers in the standardisation arena, facilitating their growth and fostering wider participation.

The event promises to provide valuable insights into the achievements and ongoing efforts of in reinforcing Europe's presence in the international standardisation landscape. Participants can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the project's impact on European competitiveness and its contribution to shaping future standardisation initiatives.