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March 21, 2024 -  Today, the consortium is participating in the meeting of the European Multistakeholder Platform (MSP) on ICT Standardisation, alongside the INSTAR project and the InDiCo-Global project.

The MSP meeting, a key event for dialogue on ICT standardisation in Europe, aims to align technology developments with European values and regulations to support a secure, competitive, and inclusive digital single market.

Thibault Kleiner, Director of Policy & Strategy at DG CONNECT, opened the meeting emphasising the central role of standards in legislative acts, such as the AI Act's adherence to standards and the Data Act's focus on interoperability. He also highlighted the MSP's advisory role in standardisation and the European Commission's satisfaction with the new mandate stemming from these legislative efforts.

The discussion at the MSP meeting is expected to cover three main areas: policy and regulatory aspects, the importance of international collaboration to ensure the global relevance of EU standards (highlighting recent discussions on standardisation around 5G in Brazil), and the need to enhance skills and competences in standardisation. Efforts by DG CONNECT and DG Research to integrate standardisation into research and development, aiming to train a new generation in these crucial areas, were also mentioned.

This afternoon, Silvana Muscella from Trust-IT Services will present, outlining the project's efforts to support European standardisation and detailing funding opportunities for experts in the field. This initiative is part of broader efforts to maintain Europe’s leadership in global ICT standardisation, focusing on innovation, interoperability, and alignment with strategic interests and policy objectives.

The meeting underscores the importance of collaboration among stakeholders in ICT standardisation and the role of initiatives like in fostering Europe's digital future., along with projects like InDiCo-Global and INSTAR, will provide regular updates, contributing to the MSP's work and the wider dialogue on standardisation.

For more information on and opportunities for involvement in standardisation efforts, please visit our Open call page. We are accepting applications for the fourth open call with a deadline on 12th April. 

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