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Pisa, Italy, 6th of August 2023 - Supporting European Experts Presence in International Standardisation Activities in ICT - an EU-funded, Coordination and Support Action is set to capitalise on the results of the recently concluded, EU Innovation Action,, - The European Watch on cybersecurity and privacy - which is expected to provide both percipience and tangible tools as input for’s Technical Working Group (TWG) on Cybersecurity - TWG CYBER. 2023 has two main objectives.  The first, to support the participation of European ICT experts in international Standardisation Developing Organisations’ Working Groups, through a series of 10 Open Calls, the 2023 Fellowship Programme which will provide a total of 3 million Euro of funding over the duration of the Project.  The second, to deliver the “EUOS – The European Observatory for ICT Standardisation”, an interactive platform that will monitor the global ICT Standardisation landscape, with the ultimate goal of providing the community of ICT experts with accurate coverage of relevant and timely ICT Standards into which the results of the fellowships feed and contribute.

TWG CYBER is one of the first series of rotating Technical Working Groups, launched on the EUOS to harnesses expert advice and stimulate discussion among Standards Development Organisations (SDOs), public bodies, academic institutions and acclaimed specialists to provide an expert overview of documents and activities relevant to standardisation in the cybersecurity field.

Cyberwatching,eu is the European observatory of research and innovation in cybersecurity & privacy in Europe, an online hub, to promote the uptake and understanding of cutting-edge cybersecurity and privacy services emerging from Research and Innovation initiatives across Europe. 

One of the key exploitable results of is The European Project Radar, an autonomous, online Information Management System based on the "Technology Radar" methodology developed and open-sourced by ThoughtWorks.  This tool provides a live, dynamic overview of EU-funded projects in the cybersecurity domain.  The statistical information and high-level overview provided by the radar will be invaluable to TWG CYBER in compiling its landscape report of global standardisation work underway in cybersecurity this Autumn and, in particular, to gain insight on the cybersecurity areas on which the projects focus.

In addition, as part of the series of concertation activities carried out by and, in particular, its 4th Concertation Meeting, has put the TWG CYBER in touch with CONCORDIA, Cyber security cOmpeteNCe fOr Research and InnovAtion and ECSO, the European Cybersecurity Organisation ,WG1, who have also carried out standardisation mapping activities: a positive intersection of solid expertise and competences that will result in the delivery of a comprehensive Policy Document for the benefit of standards-makers and correlated organisations, to obtain a full-blown coverage of the Cyber field.