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PISA – Italy, 15 05 2023 - & CORTEX² announce their collaboration confirmed with a  Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) supports European experts in their work in international ICT standardisation. To reach this goal, the project has three main axes:  firstly, it will fund 400+ European standardisation experts in a series of 9 Open calls providing a total of almost 3M€ of funding. Secondly, it manages the European Observatory for ICT Standardisation (EUOS), which is an interactive online ecosystem including an up-to-date standards repository as well as working groups sharing insights about ongoing standardisation efforts across different initiatives. Thirdly, via its Academy, it trains future experts in ICT standardisation. focuses on horizontal and vertical ICT fields as defined in the Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation.

The mission of CORTEX² is to democratise access to the remote collaboration offered by next-generation eXtended Reality (XR) experiences across a wide range of industrial segments and SMEs. To this end, the project is developing a highly innovative and digital XR platform geared to facilitate work and social activities involving physical interaction with the environment and remote objects. Its solution will be demonstrated in three pilots: industrial production, business meetings and remote training. Financing third-party projects will guarantee broad uptake, enabling further technical extensions, more comprehensive use cases, and deeper evaluation and assessment. Overall, CORTEX² will invest a total of 4 million Euros in two open calls. In addition, it will contribute to different standardisation bodies, identifying significant opportunities to push contributions into future standards, pre-normative activities and open, collaborative development environments.

Both projects look into state-of-the-art and future standardisation in the metaverse and the citiverse to boost the adoption of these innovations, notably by SMEs and industrial stakeholders. The MoU can consolidate even further this commitment.

“This collaboration with CORTEX², which innovates in extended reality to boost remote working, comes spot on time in the Programme as we are about to launch a technical working group on Citiverse! I believe this is a great opportunity to share resources among two projects to deliver concrete results for our communities and stakeholders in ICT standardisation.”, comments Mona Marill, Project Manager at Programme.

“Our collaboration with, which supports the European network of ICT standard experts, will contribute to the opportunities to participate in our CORTEX² open calls reaching providers developing standardisation efforts around eXtended collaborative technologies. It will also help us contribute to different standardisation bodies.” says Raquel Carro, Project Manager at CORTEX² Project.

The European Commission has suggested to launch a technical working group (TWG) on Citiverse to draft a landscape of standards related to Metaverse and Citiverse areas and to set recommendations for future standardisation. CORTEX² partners will be invited to join this effort. Also, Open Call can be an interesting opportunity for the CORTEX² SMEs and industry ecosystem, and vice-versa; the CORTEX² Open calls will be promoted to the SMEs and industry partners of the community.

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Consortium: Dublin City University (IE) - Financial and Administrative Coordinator, Trust-IT Srl (IT) - Technical Coordinator, OpenForum Europe (BE), AUSTRALO (ES), European Digital SME Alliance (BE), and Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI (DE).

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Consortium: German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DE) - COO, KU Leuven (BE), LINAGORA (FR), Alcatel Lucent Enterprise (FR), Intracom Telecom (EL), AUSTRALO (EE), F6S (IE), Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique et aux Énergies Alternatives (FR), Actimage (DE), Universitat Jaume I (ES).

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CORTEX² has received funding from the EU’s Horizon Europe Programme under Grant Agreement no. 101070192.