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As cities and urban environments expand, new technologies create opportunities to provide integrated mobility. Journeys can become multimodal, pollution can be better managed, and the comfort, speed and safety of urban journeys improved. New transport systems, from protected cycleways to ride hailing taxi and bus services, and, in the near future, automated vehicles will provide significant potential for society as a whole. But this cannot be left to chance and innovation alone.

Standards have an important role to play in enabling these new paradigms to coexist and work seamlessly together and improving safety throughout Europe.

CEN/TC 278/WG 17 - Urban ITS is the focus and driving point for the development of standards to support this integrated urban mobility paradigm, with the following scope:

  • Act as coordination point for Urban ITS standards development including
    • Other WGs of CEN TC278
    • Other CEN TCs
  • Act as leader of Project Teams to progress Urban ITS work items quickly
  • Be the harmonization and consensus forming group for Urban ITS
  • Develop relevant Urban ITS documents that does not fall under other responsibilities
  • Handle international coordination and harmonization (ISO, IEEE etc)

You can take a look  here at the recently released brochure "European Standardization in support of Urban Intelligent Transportation and Mobility" for more accurate information.