Landscape of Smart Cities Standards

This document is part of a growing series designed to (a) create a dynamic overview of documents and activities relevant to standardisation, (b) identify gaps in the standardisation where additional activity would greatly aid the deployment of technologies and interoperability within the EU and globally.

This document considers the standardisation landscape for the technology areas applicable to Smart Cities. The present overview or landscape document is a  static  “snapshot”  of a  dynamically updated database compiled within The database is inclusive (from many different SDOs and organizations), re-useable (available for a liaison to other organisations), filterable (to choose a subset of documents and organisations appropriate to a particular use),  and easily exportable (CSV, Word, ODT, Mind-map).

All of the document titles and document abstracts included are copied or directly derived from publicly available materials, however copyright of those original materials is retained by the respective owners. This overview provides an easy “lookup” regarding what Smart Cities standardisation is happening in various organizations, terms and definitions, rankings and use cases, as well as brief information on the organizations.

Read the full Landscape of Smart Cities Standards report on Zenodo.