Terms of Use

Terms of Use

These Terms of Use are applicable to all users of this website (“Website”). Users should read, understand and accept these Terms when creating an account on the Website or using any of the services provided via this Website. If a given user has not done this, or does not agree with the contents of these Terms of Use, that user should not create an account on the Website and should not make use of any of the services provided via this Website.


By accepting these Terms of Use, upon creation of an account on the Website, the user enters into an agreement with DATA CONTROLLER, Trust-IT Srl, with registered offices in Via Nino Bixio 25, 56124 Pisa, ITALY, VAT no. and Fiscal Code 01870130505 (“DATA CONTROLLER”), made up by the contents of these Terms, in order to regulate the user’s access and use of the Website. Users which accept these Terms of Use hereby represent and warrant that:


  • They accept to be bound by these Terms of Use, as registered Website users – either individually, or in representation of an organisation;
  • They are at least 18 years old;
  • They are capable, under the terms of the law applicable to them, to be legally bound by and comply with these Terms of Use – in particular, whenever a user creates an account as a representative of an organisation, that user warrants to have been expressly and validly authorised by that organisation to do so, or to otherwise be a legitimate representative of that organisation under the applicable law;
  • Their use of the Website will be carried out in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.


In the event of doubts concerning the Terms of Use, DATA CONTROLLER may be contacted at:  info@trust-itservices.com


For information on the processing of personal data on users which is carried out via the Website, please see the Privacy Policy[1].




1.      Services provided via the Website. 2

a.     Groups. 2

b.     Newsletters and communications. 2

c.     Recommendations, Outputs, Landscape and Gap analyses. 2

d.     Events and Webinars. 2

e.     Submission of applications. 2

f.      User support. 3

2.      Copyright / Intellectual Property. 3

3.      Liability. 3


  1. Services provided via the Website

Access to services provided via the Website (“Services”) is, in part, restricted to registered users – i.e., users with a registered Website account – although some Services are open to all Website users. The creation of an account and access to the Website is free of charge.

  1. Groups

The Website includes the specific EUOS section that is intended to allow individuals interested in joining the StandICT.eu 2023’s community to actively participate. In particular, by creating a registered account, users will be able to become actively involved in EUOS’s discussion area and can participate through various Groups, including mainly:

  • Technical Working Groups, which are private working areas that host a list of renowned and selected experts in the specific field. The main output of these TWGs will be the delivery a gap analysis or landscape analysis document. Upon completion of the Group’s efforts, it will be disbanded. Access is uniquely reserved to shortlisted users.
  • Open Discussion Groups, which are comprised of experts and users from the StandICT.eu 2023’s community who are committed to share insights, news, events or any kind or relevant information in dedicated accessible area. Every user registered to the StandICT.eu 2023 website is enabled to access these Discussion Groups and actively participate /by opening new threads, answering etc..).
  1. Newsletters and communications

Informative newsletters and other communications will be periodically sent to the users registered to the platform. Every user will be given the possibility to withdraw consent for Marketing (for communications received via e-mail) or object to Soft Opt-In by selecting the appropriate link included at the bottom of every Newsletter e-mail message received.

  1. Recommendations, Outputs, Landscape and Gap analyses

The Website also allows all users to gain access to recommendations and outputs generated as a result of the work developed by these Groups, which are available for download at:  https://www.standict.eu/landscape-gap-analysis

  1. Events and Webinars

Personal Data processed for Events/Webinars will be kept by the data controller for the period deemed strictly necessary to fulfil such purposes – in any case, as these Personal Data are processed for the provision of the Services, the data controller may continue to store this Personal Data for a longer period, as may be necessary to protect the data controller’s interests related to potential liability related to the provision of the Services. Additionally, users can register to attend webinars and other relevant meetings and events (including collaboration meetings for Groups) through the Website, hosted by the StandICT.eu 2023 or its partners.

  1. Submission of applications

The Website also allows registered users to respond to different (ten expected) Open Calls made by StandICT.eu 2023, including to apply to certain positions/functions within StandICT.eu 2023 (namely, positions as External Evaluator), or to apply for grants awarded in connection with the projects to support ICT Standards experts in their activity of research and/or Standards development. Regarding any applications received, the Data Controller may assess the professional social media accounts (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter) or professional websites of candidates, where publicly available or disclosed by the candidate, as necessary to gain insight as to a candidate’s suitability for the position/function to which the candidate applied.

  1. User support

Any questions concerning StandICT.eu 2023’s activities in general can be addressed to StandICT.eu 2023 via the Contact Form, available at: https://www.standict.eu/contact

Registered users can address questions specifically referring to the operation and use of the Website through the dedicate “Dashboard” section, easily accessible from the top-right corner of the Home Page.



  1. Copyright / Intellectual Property

Users of the Website may download or print copies of any and all materials on the Website for personal use. None of the information on this Website may be copied, distributed or transmitted in any way for commercial use without DATA CONTROLLER’s written consent. For any materials downloaded from this Website, source and references must be acknowledged.
All users of the Technical Working Groups or Open Discussion Groups need to respect the international copyright rules. This is going to be particularly relevant when copyrighted material is made visible to the general public. StandICT.eu 2023 is not liable for the usage that its users make of the online space and the ultimate responsibility of complying to the copyright laws remains with the person that performs the upload of such copyrighted material.

In case anyone should note an apparent violation of copyright on this website, please contact us immediately at  info@standict.eu

  1. Liability

The material on this Website is provided for general information only. DATA CONTROLLER makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of any materials and information incorporated thereto and contained on this website. DATA CONTROLLER has a policy of continuous improvement of its communication and reserves the right to make improvements or changes to the online content without notice.

The use of the material (or any information incorporated thereto), in whole or in part, contained in this Website is the user’s sole responsibility. DATA CONTROLLER disclaims any liability for any damages whatsoever including, without limitation, direct, indirect, incidental and/or consequential damages resulting from access to the website and use of the materials provided therein.

DATA CONTROLLER makes no representations about websites accessed through this Website which are not maintained, controlled or created by DATA CONTROLLER. DATA CONTROLLER does not endorse these sites and is not responsible for their content.