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PISA – Italy, 07.11.2023. 2023 announces the publication of its ninth (and last) Open Call Impact Report, showcasing the achievements of funded fellowships and their contributions to the standardisation landscape. 
The report provides a comprehensive overview of the outcomes and impacts of the ninth series of 2023 fellowships. These fellowships address critical standardisation needs, enhance European leadership in global standards, support innovation, and improve the overall integrity of the European standardisation system.


Standards are vital for ensuring product and service interoperability, reducing costs, enhancing safety, and fostering innovation. The objective of is to bolster the contributions of European ICT experts to modernise and consolidate the European standardisation system.
The ninth Open Call focused on "Iot, Cloud and Edge" with its correlated research encompassing domains like AI, 5G, cloud computing, blockchain, and micro- or nano -systems.



Key Figures from the Open Call #9:

  • 70 eligible applications received
  • 41 fellowships awarded
  • €374,000 granted

The selected fellowships represented a wide range of EU countries and covered various key technology areas, aligning with the Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation 2023. The fellowships contributed to global and European Standardisation Development Organisations (SDOs) and worked on research projects addressing horizontal and vertical technologies.
The Impact Report showcases how these fellowships will bridge identified gaps and benefit stakeholders, including commerce, industry, governmental policies, and society. It emphasises the importance of standards in the EU Single Market and global competitiveness and highlights the role of 2023 in supporting European ICT experts' standardisation contributions.


About 2023 is coordinated by Trust-IT Srl (IT) with Dublin City University (IE) and AUSTRALO (ES) as partners, and funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme under grant agreement no. 951972. 2023 supports European ICT experts in contributing to global standards, reinforcing the European and international ICT standardisation arena. Through its fellowship programme, technical working groups, standards academy, and policy recommendations, 2023 is driving innovation, ensuring interoperability, and advancing European leadership in standards.

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The new 2026 will provide € 2,925,000 of crucial funding to support the participation of European standardisation specialists in key international and global SDOs. Through nine open calls this funding will enable the specialists to contribute to and help create a fully integrated European Standardisation Ecosystem, thereby strengthening Europe's position in global standardisation initiatives.

The 3rd Open Call of 2026 is now open (until next 09th January 2024): seize the chance to apply for funding!