The Academy is glad to invite you to the upcoming webinar on the interaction between standardisation and open source.

During the event, to be held on 18th March 2024 from 16:00 to 18:00 CET, we will delve into the complex relationship between standardisation and open source. There have been several attempts in the past to harvest the possible synergies between the two of them. However, we observe still several challenges. In addition, with the large amount of software deployed in Europe being based on open source, the new EU Regulations on Software, in particular the AI Act, the Cyber Resilience Act, and the Data Act, largely affect open source software. The respective standards need to be implemented by open source software. And technologies addressing some of the essential requirements laid down by law are available already in open source. 

Our speakers will guide us through various aspects of the relation and interplay between open source and standardisation and approaches to integrate them. The audience will have sufficient time to present their experiences and proposals to make a step forward.



•       Integrating standardisation and open source: Opportunities and Challenges
Knut Blind (Fraunhofer ISI & TU Berlin)
•       Bridges to cross: Philosophical and procedural gaps between SDOs and open source communities
Jory Burson (Vice President of Standards, The Linux Foundation) and Mirko Böhm (Linux Foundation Europe)
•       The culture clash between Open Standards and Open Source at IEEE SA OPEN
Silona Bonewald (President of Leadingbit Solutions previously Executive Director of IEEE SA OPEN)
•       Open Source @DIN: Approach & perspective on how to integrate Open Source into formal standardization
Daniel Haack (DIN)
•     New dynamics needed: standardisation and open source in a successful ecosystem of open collaboration
Jochen Friedrich (IBM)

Moderated by Trust-IT Services.

Read time: 2 mins

  • Date
  • Time 16:00:00 - 18:00:00