2023 joins forces with ELITE-S to discuss funding opportunities for experts in ICT Standardization. 2023 project is an EU H2020 Coordination and Support Action with the central goal to ensure a neutral, reputable, pragmatic and fair approach to support European and Associated states presence in the international ICT Standardisation scene.

The project has built on the valid recommendations from its predecessor, [2018-2020], which focused on improving the existing Standards Watch, and delivered in February 2021 the “EUOS – ICT Standardisation Observatory” and continuing the effort of using the online facility as a reference point to comment, through a dynamic discussion forum, relevant insights from the standards experts.

ELITE-S will host a session on June 15th at 3pm (CEST) with distinguished guests Mr Francesco Osimanti, Project Manager & Vice Coordinator, and Dr. Nicolae Paladi, researcher in the Cybersecurity Unit at RISE and Lund Technical University and StandICT funded fellow in 2019. On this session, they will discuss the opportunities available for experts in ICT Standardisation to engage in terms of funding and support. We will also have the presence of Assist. Professor Ray Walshe, ELITE-S co-coordinator and supervisor and chair of the 2023 External Advisory Group who will provide insights on monitoring the global Standardisation landscape through the EUOS.

Mr. Francesco Osimanti is a Project Manager and SEO Copywriter. Holding a Master’s Degree in International Political Studies, he had the chance to test himself in several different European NGOs. He has been working at Trust-IT Services since 2017, in charge of developing Communication and Dissemination strategies for a wide array of clients as well as for several EU R&I funded projects within critical areas of Digital Single Market such as HPC, ICT Standardisation, Citizens Science, and Cybersecurity.

Dr. Nicolae Paladi primary focus is on confidential computing and cloud security: applications of trusted computing in cloud infrastructure, software-defined network security, 5G security and cloud orchestration security. To commercialise his cloud security research Nicolae co-founded, a confidential computing company. He was funded by the StandICT project during 2019, supporting his contribution to the Trusted Execution Environment Platform Working Group (TEEP WG) of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)

Join us on June 15th to find out how 2023 reinforces a transparent evaluation process, streamlines contractual activities, personifies the monitoring process for impact purposes and creates a stronger liaison with the National Standards Associations to support experts in their capacity building & training programmes. Register for this session here.

The ELITE-S Fellowship Programme is co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Grant Agreement No. 801522

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