This webinar series is organised under the umbrella of 2026.

The OFE Lounge 2024 seeks to bridge standardisation and open source organisations, creating a platform to discuss the changing dynamics of software development and ICT standardisation. Drawing from previous iterations of the OFE Lounge Series, as well as studies such as the JRC’s “The Relationship Between Open Source Software and Standard Setting” and OFE’s study “Standardisation and Open Source – Bringing them together” for the European Commission, this series aims to facilitate knowledge transfer between significant open source and standardisation entities, as well as the European Commission. For this iteration of the series, we will focus on the standardisation activities following new EU regulation with implications for software development, such as the Cyber Resilience Act and the AI Act.

The webinar sequence initiates on 22 February, at 18:00 CET, and spans over five weeks, culminating with a comprehensive wrap-up workshop. Each session will last 60 minutes and start with 2 individual 15-minute presentations by representative stakeholder organisations, putting forward their ideas on the role of open source in standardisation, and standardisation for open source, followed by a roughly 30-minute moderated Q&A. The last wrap-up workshop will last 2.5 hours.

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