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On 21 May 2024, the Academy will host a training webinar where a panel of experts will contextualise standardisation within the EU valorisation policy, an initiative of DG RTD of the European Commission. The webinar will also discuss the role of research for standardisation in the European Standardisation Organisations, present the main results and the recommendations (see the full report here) and include key insights and learnings from the HSBooster project. There will be ample time for questions and discussions on the presented results and recommendations.


Research and standardisation share a complex relationship; while research can both challenge and enhance existing standards, those standards can simultaneously support or hinder research. To better understand this dynamic, empirical evidence has to be collected to reveal opportunities and problems to improve the interface and interaction between research and standardisation.

The survey of the European Standardisation Panel aimed to identify the demand for standards that could result from research and innovation (R&I) projects, assess how EU R&I framework programmes could address these demands, and highlight the role of standardisation as a channel for knowledge valorisation. This Europe-wide survey revealed that policy initiatives, including regulations and customers’ requirements, particularly for industry, as well as organisations’ independent and collaborative research efforts, are the most relevant sources for standard development.

Research input is most important for measurement and testing standards, followed by quality and environmental standards. The most significant advantage of research as input for standardisation is free access to scientific content and the ability to keep track of scientific progress. Finally, recommendations are derived for industry, higher education institutes and public research organisations, Standards Development Organisations (SDOs), research funding organisations and other innovation policy areas.

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14:00 Introduction to the webinar

14:05  The role of standardisation for knowledge valorisation, Gergely Tardos (EC DG RTD)

14:25 The role of research for standardisation at CEN/CENELEC, Mian Livia (CEN/CENELEC)

14:45 Results and implications of the European Standardisation Panel, Knut Blind (Fraunhofer ISI & TU Berlin)

15:15 Recommendations derived from HSBooster, Signe Annette Bøgh (Danish Standards)

15:35 Q&A and discussion

15:50 Concluding remarks

16:00 End of webinar

*Moderated by Maria Giuffrida, Trust-IT Services

Read time: 2 mins

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  • Time 14:00:00 - 16:00:00