The first AI Quality Summit is held on 2nd November 2022 in Frankfurt and brings together the whole spectrum of experts and decision makers that are needed to achieve and prove quality of AI products.

During the event the speakers will address quality aspects including robustness, resilience, performance, auditability, transparency, and security by taking into account the regulatory context of the EU AI Act as well as frameworks from OECD, UNESCO, the Council of Europe and other multinational institutions, the business need for Europe to compete on quality in global markets, and the engineering context of fundamental scientific, technical, standardisation and operational aspects that make AI quality a tough challenge.

The full day event (09:00 to 16:30) will be held primarily in a physical format in the House of Logistics and Mobility (HoLM) at Frankfurt Airport. It is organised by VDE Association of Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies together with the Minister for Digital Strategy and Innovation of Hessen, Prof. Kristina Sinemus.

Registration is free. More info here.

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