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Brussels, 20 May 2021 - 2023, the ICT Standardisation Observatory and Support Facility in Europe, and AIOTI, cement relations with an MoU to underpin cooperation in standardisation efforts in IoT and Edge Computing

Today a Memorandum of Understanding between the 2023 Project and the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) has been formally approved by the Steering Board of AIOTI. The MOU will galvanise cooperation between the two subjects in a number of areas strategic to both in the European ICT Standard Scenario, particularly in the key areas of IoT and Edge Computing, but also relevant to other converging technologies. 2023’s mission is twofold: the first is to fund European ICT experts through a series of (10) Open Calls to participate in international Standardisation Developing Organisations Working Groups covering the wide-range topics identified in the Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation (such as 5G and fixed networks, IoT, Cybersecurity, Data, Cloud Computing, Quantum Technologies, AI, Blockchain, Industry 4.0, ITS/Automating driving, FinTech/Financial Services and eHealth, etc). In parallel, has launched the “EUOS – Observatory for ICT Standardisation”, an interactive platform that will monitor the global ICT Standardisation landscape, with the ultimate goal of providing the community of ICT experts with accurate coverage of relevant and timely ICT Standards.

AIOTI, an international not-for-profit association set up in 2016 to contribute to the creation of a dynamic European IoT ecosystem and speed up the take up of IoT, gathers members from key European IoT players, as well as research centres, universities, associations and end-user representatives. The main aim of AIOTI is to foster the deployment and market uptake of the IoT by developing strong, collaborative, cross-sector European ecosystems. AIOTI supports the strategic development of H2020/FP9 large scale IoT pilots, gathering actionable insights on market obstacles for IoT deployment, maps EU and Members States IoT innovation and standardisation activities, provides bridges to international initiatives, and provides expert input to the European Commission and EU member states in connection with all structural and regulatory matters central to the creation and maintenance of a favourable environment for IoT in Europe. sees the partnership with AIOTI as fundamental on two levels. Firstly, the ability to gain consolidated expertise on appropriate and pertinent gaps, recommendations & priorities in ICT Standardisation in the key areas of IOT and Edge Computing, to help drive the identification of the Open Call priority topics. Secondly, to contribute to and animate discussion in the EUOS, where AIOTI will deliver valuable input to the dedicated Technical Working Groups (TWGs) on IoT and Data Interoperability, and lead the Edge TWG, all with tailored “Landscape and Gap Analysis” reports foreseen as key tangible outputs of the work performed by its esteemed and domain-renowned experts.

Commenting on the memorandum, CEO Trust-It and 2023 Project Coordinator Silvana Muscella said: “AIOTI’s accomplished knowledge and expertise in the IoT and Edge Computing domains will provide valid insights for the priority topics driving our Open Calls. We are also convinced that the contributions its network will bring to our EUOS, can take forward shared democratic values of open and competitive markets and the dialogue between stakeholders that develop the technology ecosystem can be combined with the standard setters and regulators. We thank you Damir Filipovic (Secretary General, AIOTI) for driving forward this cooperation & all AIOTI members for this timely support

Damir Filipovic, Secretary General, AIOTI: “Standardisation fuels the growth of the internet of things and enables effective edge computing by providing frameworks that guide the interoperability of data and devices. Our collaboration with ensures greater progress in this arena, by combining efforts and expertise.”

Ray Walshe, 2023 EAG Chair & EUOS Director: "In this age of 'super-connectivity' we will soon have 10's of Billions of online connected devices. AIOTI in collaboration with EUOS can help shape the society of the future by engaging in interoperability standardization for the Internet of Things."