Standardization Plan for Digital Twins in Construction Industry .

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ASHVIN ( is EU projects from the StandICT.eu2023 community. It develops a digital twin solutions helping to European construction industry to become more productive, safe and sustainable. 

The ASHVIN Standardization Plan provides an overview of the future standardization activities based on the needs of the ASHVIN project consortium in the area of real-time digital representation and modelling of a building site to be undertaken during and after the end of the project. This document serves as a guide for the project partners on how to implement such activities within their tasks and work packages, as well as how research conducted within the Ashvin project can support ongoing standardization efforts.

This Plan is drafted by Austrian Standards International (ASI) in collaboration with Berlin Technical University (TUB), Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH), Mainflux Labs (MFL), Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), Ingeo (NGEO), Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), Infra Plan Consulting (INFCON), Plan B (PlanB), Australo (AUS), Digital Twin Technology (DTT), NCC Sverige (NCC), Fasada (FAS) and SBP GmbH (SBP).

It provides an overview of the relevant standards identified during the investigation of the standardization landscape, lists the gaps identified as a result of gap analysis, and
summarizes the priority topics to be addressed within the future standardization activities. It covers topics of wide importance for all spheres of building and construction, including application of a digital twin approach for construction works, building site management and real-time monitoring, construction data transfer and assessment, as well as ensuring safe work conditions for construction workers.