White paper on MPEG smart contracts for media (ISO/IEC 21000-23) .

In the last few years, Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) has developed a set of standardized RDF ontologies and XML schemas for the codification of intellectual property (IP) rights information related to music and media. The emerging ISO/IEC 21000-23 Smart Contracts for Media standard specifies the means (e.g., application programming interfaces) for converting these RDF ontologies and XML schemas to smart contracts that can be executed on existing distributed ledge technologies (DLT) environments.

This important standard will greatly assist the music and media industry and its stakeholders in achieving effective interoperability for the exchange of verified contractual data between different DLT environments. In this way, it will increase trust among the stakeholders for sharing high-value data (e.g., music rights) in the ecosystem.

Join the continuation of this exciting work towards a full fledged decentralized media rights ecosystem, based on DLT agnostic ISO/IEC 21000-23 Smart Contracts for Media at: https://tinyurl.com/2bbukxfs