A new standard for AI-based Network Applications in beyond 5G .

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into 5G and beyond networks has reached a critical juncture. While the potential of such integration offers great opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and service enhancement, it is not without its challenges. The primary obstacle lies in the complexity of the underlying network infrastructure, compounded by the lack of standardized guidelines for AI integration. This has resulted in fragmented solutions that hinder interoperability, scalability, and security, ultimately slowing down the deployment of next-generation network applications and limiting their potential impact across various sectors.

The necessity for a standardized approach cannot be overstated. The absence of a unified framework for AI integration in 5G and beyond networks poses a significant barrier to progress. A standard is needed to simplify the network infrastructure complexity, ensure interoperability across different systems and devices, accelerate service creation and deployment timelines, and optimize the utilization of network resources. Also, with the exponential increase in digital threats, a standard is critical for enhancing the security and resilience of network applications. It is also important as it would facilitate cost-effective service deployments, unlocking innovation potential, and ensuring that the technological advancements are accessible and beneficial to all stakeholders.

Recognizing the pressing need for a solution, I proposed the development of the new IEEE P1948 Standard for AI-based Network Applications in 5G and beyond. This initiative is aimed at establishing harmonized guidelines and protocols that would address the current gaps in AI integration within network infrastructures. My work involved extensive research to identify the core areas of focus, collaboration with industry experts to gather insights and feedback, and leading discussions within the COM/AccessCore-SC/NAB5G Working Group to draft the initial standard framework.

The PAR (Project Authorization Request) for the development of the standard will be discussed at the next New Standards Committee (NesCom) meeting in May 2024, with an expected date for completing the standard and going to the balloting process in early 2025