Invitation to collaboration in applying AI to smart energy .

Dear Colleagues,

If it would be of interest to anyone dealing with AI, especially applied to smart energy, I am looking for a collaboration working on standards in applying AI to smart energy and particularly to smart PV systems.

If this theme coincides with your interests or professional activities (and especially if you are engaged in related themes of smart energy and smart grids standardisation in any capacity of engagement in SDOs/SSOs activities), please feel invited to join the EITCI hosted Smart Energy Standards Group at (possibly also in an observer capacity). For ease of communication there is also a dedicated LinkedIn group at

The EITCI SESG group supports international SDOs in development of standards for AI assisted PV, as well as in smart energy in general. It brings together acedemics and practitioners in smart grids, PV & AI to jointly work on technical standards in overlap of these domains. The initiative aims at supporting the EU clean energy transition policies with smart energy standards development for digitization and artificial intelligence applications.

I'm looking forward to working together in the future.

Best regards,