Antonio Kung

Antonio Kung

Full Name: Antonio Kung
Organisation Name: CEO at Trialog - Standardisation expert ISO/IEC JTC1
Country: FR

Short bio

Expertise in security, privacy, interoperability, IoT.

Standardization expert ISO/IEC JTC1 AG8 (Meta RA), ISO/IEC JTC1 AG8 (Trustworthiness), ISO/IEC JTC1/SC41 (IoT and digital twins), ISO/IEC JTC1/SC27 (Cybersecurity and data protection), ISO PC317 (privacy-by-design for consumer goods and services), ISO TC22/SC32/WG11 (road vehicles cybersecurity engineering)

Editor of ISO/IEC 27550, 27570, 27556, 27561, 27563, 21823-3, 30149.
Editor ISO/IEC PWI 27563 Impact of security and privacy in AI use cases
Editor ISO/IEC PWI 27564 Privacy models
Editor ISO/IEC PWI 5696 Cybersecurity assurance of complex systems based on common criteria
Editor ISO/IEC PWI-6 Guidance on IoT and digital twin use cases
Editor ISO/IEC PWI 6089 Guidance on privacy protection of AI systems
Convenor SC41 Advisory group on IoT and digital twin use cases
Convenor SC41 Adhoc group on cyberphysical systems
AIOTI Standardization working group standardisation co-chair