Open Calls


Starting in March 2018, will provide financial support through a continuous open call running for the full duration on the project. The call will be divided in ten funding cycles, every two months, covering submission, evaluation of applications and the establishment of funded contracts.

The open calls will be set up and managed by and will represent a facility to support the participation and contribution of specialists in key SDOs while measuring the socio-economic impact of the activities. 


Who can apply? 

The Calls are open to applicants from Industry, SMEs and start-ups, SME associations, national trade associations, academia and research from different European countries.

Type of grants 

The official Calls for applications will be published via the website, indicating topics, funding and timing for the proposals. Please view below the reference type of grants & proposals, register as an expert and Stay in touch for the Open Calls launch: 

Proposal type

Description (example)

Contract duration

Funding range

LT – Long term contributions (with travel option)

Contribution to ongoing standards development as chair or member of an SDO WG. E.g. comments on standards development and drafts, attending meetings, paying membership fees,

Up to 12 months

€5,000 - €8,000

ST – Short-Term contributions (with travel option)

Contribution to standards documentation e.g. liaison to WG, comments on standards drafts, participation at meeting paying membership fees,

1 month – 6 months

€1,000 - €5,000

OS – One-Shot (Event participation)

Support to ensure participation at workshop or event (e.g., participant, observer, presentation)

Ad-hoc for event participation

€1.000 - €3,000


Proposals reference structure 

All proposals will have a lean and concise structure (max 3 pages, to be submitted online via web-form accessible from, to facilitate proposers) and shall be presented in English.

One of the selection criteria for the proposals will clearly state that only those applications that demonstrate how they will have a clear benefit in terms of pushing European requirements and promoting broader European interest will be funded.

The proposals will also have to clearly demonstrate:

  • Added value to existing SDO activities;
  • Impact of work on European interests and the standard in question;
  • Expertise of the applicant in the respective priority area;
  • Expertise of the applicant in standardisation, e.g. previous contributions to standards developments, participation in other groups working on architectures, APIs, guidelines in the respective priority area.